Finding a unit

Scout units are the local groups that keep Scouting alive in a neighbourhood or a village.

Registration with the Scouts could not be simpler:

  • Either you know a group or a head of unit and you get in touch with them directly (by attending the next meeting or by making a phone call or sending an email).

  • Or you do not know who to turn to and you get in touch with the federation: [email protected] or dial +32 2 508 12 00. We will help you find a unit near you and put you in contact with the unit leader.

Trouvez votre unité

Cette carte reprend l’ensemble des unités affiliées à la fédération Les Scouts. Les autres mouvements de jeunesse belges vous communiqueront les coordonnées des groupes affiliés chez eux.
How much does it cost?

The annual federal membership fee amounts to approximately 45€ and includes a civil liability and personal injury insurance coverage. This amount is usually supplemented by a contribution to the running of the unit. In addition, the costs for the camp (about 10€ per day) must be factored in.


The so-called solidarity fee is a reduced fee, which offers the possibility to become a full member of the federation and a unit at a lower price. For more information, please contact the head of unit.

In practice

The way the activities are organised varies from one unit to the next. Meetings may take place on Saturdays or Sundays and may last for half a day, a day or the whole weekend. 

Mini-camps spanning 2 to 4 days are scheduled during the school holidays and a big camp is organised during one or sometimes even two weeks during the summer.