Lodges and meadows

How to find a venue?

  • By word of mouth: other leaders can have some shrewd advice for you. Get in touch with the other units in your group to learn about the best locations.
  • By contacting a municipality: are you canvassing a specific area? Get in touch with the local authorities. They have lists with available (and approved) camp sites in the area.
  • On the internet:
    • votrecamp.be: this platform references camp sites (lodges and meadows) all over Wallonia. You can filter your results according to the capacity, the geographical area, the dates… This is THE go-to search engine!
    • opkamp.be: this is the equivalent of votrecamp.be in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. The perk? Less known to French-speakers, this website gives you a better chance of finding the right spot for you! Notably one of those really wicked places in the Campine region. 
    • Atoutscamps.be: on this website, you will find all the lodges that were awarded the “Endroit de camp” label that is recognised by the Walloon Region. Meadows are not included in this quality label.

After the search, the recce

  • When you want to rent a camp site, check it out first! You will thus avoid unpleasant surprises and get an idea of the general setting of the field or the building. Because in the case of a camp, it is not only the venue that counts but also its surroundings.
  • Take your camera or use your smartphone to keep a record of what you see. Because you will afterwards find it easier to think about the decoration and the overall equipment of your camp venue.
  • On location, keep your eyes peeled and ask all the necessary questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question!